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    I had a favourable meeting with my Busselton lending agent and was given the rates and costs for my 4 investment propertys (this is not a small loan) along with moving all my banking to their business. The lending officer said he would see his manager and see if he could get the interest rate down due to the loan size and as we are in a good financial position. With all my rates ,expected payment rates and documentation I went home and planned for the future move and his call the next day or so . I contacted him on Monday by email and when he rang me he said he talked to the manager and they feel the best way to do it was I pay for all the valuations ($1200+). This may be the best for them but not me.This was a free service on the Thursday at the original meeting. If the loaning officer and the Manager are not aligned I would suggest anyone reading this to avoid or look at having a back up bank as this is unacceptable behaviour. I have never seen this business code of conduct displayed but I doubt it would have mentioned tell the customer one thing on Thursday and then add $1200+ to it on Monday and hope that is OK.
    By Bradley Cox, December 28, 2020
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    Rude an unproffesional. Dont have a set price list. Treats staff with no respect. Unorganised and overall terrible business procedures! I would never reccomend this "company" and im shocked cinefest or anyone else is still using them.
    By Dixrin Ira Bixcyltox, December 03, 2019
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    great hangover free beer,
    so many brews to pick from,
    my 10th brew was a free one,
    and what a great couple Darryl and Karen are always smiling and
    By munroe johnson, March 04, 2019

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